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Our customers are passionate about the positive impact of their work as they serve their members and society. At Avectra, we are equally passionate about our ability to provide technology and services to increase the significance, effectiveness and success of our customer's efforts.

This sentiment is the foundation of every interaction with you. We are here to make your organization successful and customer success (and satisfaction) is our priority.

To demonstrate our commitment to your success, we established Avectra 2020; a program that defines, with full transparency, the level of service Avectra's customers can expect. It is our pledge to offer the highest levels of customer success, satisfaction and value so you will fulfill your objectives and goals.

Avectra 2020 includes:

Product Innovation and Quality

Avectra will build products market research has told us our customers want with solutions designed to meet your needs. Avectra's goal is to continually introduce technology to improve your existing ways of conducting business.

Our customers do not simply buy our products. They help build them.

Product Development

Avectra will provide a rolling 6-month view of our product roadmap. In addition, through quarterly web-based meeting, surveys, online voting and/or our user communities, we will provide the opportunity to share your input and feedback on our development plans.

Avectra will announce the availability of new features prior to each new software release. Each release will include a series of webinars demonstrating how to leverage the new functionality.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our published scheduled maintenance window is during non-peak, non-standard hours for system maintenance. If an extended maintenance period is required, the maintenance will be scheduled when it will have the least impact your business.


Our goal is to provide 24x7 system availability. We are so confident in our Equinix data center, we will offer subscription credits if availability falls below a minimum monthly average of 99.5%. If the uptime does not meet this monthly commitment, your organization will receive one (1) day Service Credit for each one percent (1%) below the Uptime commitment in any calendar month. You may obtain no more than one (1) month Service Credit for any given month. Credit will be applied on your account.

Avectra provides further peace of mind for you by passing a rigorous, independent, SAS 70 audit on our operational controls, ensuring the security of your hosted information.

Professional Services

Our goal is 100% satisfaction with the professional services provided by Avectra.

To back that up we are willing to place a percentage of our professional services fees at risk to ensure your satisfaction. Avectra will provide professional services as outlined and mutually agreed upon in your subscription agreement and/or RFA. If we are not able to deliver the specific professional services outlined within the agreed to budget and timeline, provided all prerequisites are satisfied and no change order statements were added to impact the scope of the project, a percentage of the applicable labor-based professional services fees will be credited and applied against any remaining or future professional services fees due to Avectra.

Data Integrity

Avectra maintains daily backups of customer data and regularly sends copies of these backups to an offsite facility.

Customer Support

If you contact our Customer Support organization we will provide an immediate acknowledgement, as well as a response, within one business day or less.

For critical issues that cannot be resolved within a 24 hour time period, we will provide an update within that time and continue to update you with additional information as available.

We will provide solutions. We will be held accountable. We will provide superior service.


Our goal is to provide a training curriculum that provides your organization the ability to achieve total membership success. To do so, we will strive to deliver the most comprehensive training programs to make learning easy, convenient, and relevant to your organization's challenges, the individual roles of your users and your members.

Customer Data

Your data is your data. You can export your data at any time. Or, for a nominal fee, Avectra can assist with your data export.


We will deliver accurate statements and invoices to you. If there is a billing error brought to our attention, we will provide you a corrected statement and/or invoice within two (2) business days of being notified of the error.

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