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Welcome to the netFORUM community. Our software is shaped by the input of more than 1,400 organizations like yours.

We're honored to have an engaged community of users who are eager to connect with other netFORUM users and share best practices about using and perfecting our innovative association management software.

Enhance your netFORUM experience and network with association peers and Avectra staff by joining the users group that's right for you:

  • Avectra Users Group (AUG) - an independent group of netFORUM Enterprise users
  • TeamProCommunity - Avectra's online community for users of netFORUM Pro


For netFORUM Enterprise users, the Avectra Wiki is the Wikipedia of netFORUM Enterprise. Filled with technical information, best practices and how-tos offered by Avectra staff, clients, prospects and partners, it is the one-stop resource for every user on every aspect of netFORUM Enterprise.

We invite you to learn and contribute!

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