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Membership Management Software - More Than Just a Rolodex

Many think that association management software (AMS) is just the "association's database", or listing of members and their contact information. But it does so much more.

Avectra's Social CRM suite is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of today's smallest, largest and most successful member-based organizations. With an unmatched suite of membership management, community, social media and analytics tools, Avectra Social CRM maximizes every interaction and personalized communication, delivers exceptional service and differentiate your organizations from others.

Avectra solutions are used world-wide to help all kinds of member-based organizations:

Choosing the leader has its benefits. But don't take our word for it. Visit Avectra's library of customer success stories and testimonials.

By managing your members and prospects in one completely integrated, automated system, you gain time - time to engage your members, build relationships, address their needs and enjoy the success of leading your industry.

With Avectra's membership management tools, you can:

  • Process memberships quickly and easily in one system. Member information updates immediately for anyone in your organization to access anytime, anywhere
  • Calculate dues instantly, making the process fast, accurate and painless
  • E-mail a special segment of your members or prospects using templates branded with your logo or design. Plus setting up automated e-mails for membership renewals
  • Track when a member contacts the association by documenting their question, passing it electronically to the appropriate staff member and checking that it's been resolved
  • Make a change or creating a transaction - it's reflected across all records and automatically tied to core accounting functions in real-time, so no double entry is necessary
  • Search and find data with ease, so you can respond to member needs quickly and not waste time hunting for information
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