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Combining fundraising success with your membership, donor and constituent initiatives is yet another way Avectra allows organizations to streamline operations and decrease costs, build lifelong relationships with their community and fulfill their mission. No hardware. No Software. Just Success.

Avectra Fundraising is a part of Avectra Social CRM and Avectra netFORUM, a powerful, comprehensive system that seamlessly and automatically manages various categories of data, tracks and records implicit and explicit activities, and drives relevant, meaningful interaction and information to members, donors and other contacts vital to an organization's success.

At Avectra, we build software and services to engage both internal and external audiences in more sophisticated, relevant and transparent relationships to promote advocacy, community and action while driving business value. Discover which Avectra Social CRM Suite solution is right for you: netFORUM Pro or netFORUM Enterprise.

In today's business environment, the ability to include development, membership and social media engagement in one system to maximize the success of fundraising, marketing, membership and prospecting campaigns is dependent on the ability to leverage technology to make smarter decisions - faster, do more with less and ultimately, create successful relationships with your community. Experience what thousands of organizations already know: Choosing the market leader has benefits.

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