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At the heart of the Avectra Social CRM suite is netFORUM, the industry's deepest and most robust membership management solution. netFORUM delivers all of an organization's information in one centralized database, with a comprehensive set of modules that integrate member data and business processes allowing organizations to manage members, chapters, non-members, and other relationships vital to its success.

The socialization of netFORUM for Avectra Social CRM includes.

  • Social Profiles - Add data from a member's social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to their member profile and enhance the ability to map member relationships, uncover valued social networks and increase personalized service and communication.
  • Social Events - Leverage the power of social media to promote the value of your event, create unique event profiles, and build communities around events so attendees can easily find and connect with one another.
  • Social Membership - Turn your member's online profile into a Facebook-like wall of relevant content and personal connections. Easily allow members to connect with other individuals, groups and engage with internal and external audiences in new, dynamic ways.

We offer three industry-innovating online membership management solutions, perfectly scaled for organizations of every size and discipline. Whether you serve 300 or 300,000 members, we have an AMS product that's right for you.

  • netFORUM Pro provides complete, out-of-the-box membership management functionality that's configurable to meet your association's unique needs.
  • netFORUM Enterprise offers advanced association management tools and the ability to be customized to meet the most complex business needs - all while remaining on the upgrade path.

No matter which Avectra netFORUM product you choose, we'll take care of the technology to automate your business, so you can focus on serving your members and leading your industry - not managing your software. And with regular product upgrades, you can rest easy knowing that as your association grows, your software will grow along with you.

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