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Leverage Avectra reports, queries and dashboards to support the mining and predictive analysis of a growing stream of social media content.


Avectra's proprietary A-Score™ measures the engagement level of individuals and organizations on an ongoing basis, providing qualitative insight for calculating and measuring the health of your membership, your services and your overall business. It is the ultimate tool to enhance, optimize and automate new and existing programs and services to encourage engagement and fuel the success of your business.

By distilling the ever-increasing amounts of data available about your members into a scoring system, the A-Score™ helps organizations make smarter decisions-faster. By monitoring the current engagement level, the A-Score™ prioritizes (and automates!) communications and outbound activities so every member receives the right message at exactly the right time, rewards engaged members and helps reconnect with less-engaged, potentially at-risk members. Ultimately, the A-Score™ provides organizations clearer understandings of the needs of their membership, ongoing insight into how much value each member is deriving from their membership and the ability to automatically react to the individual needs of each member. (The A-Score™ is available in the Enterprise edition.)

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